5 Benefits of a Smile Makeover

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While few people really look forward to visiting the dentist, there are plenty of things to get excited about when you get a smile makeover from the best cosmetic dentistry in Hunt Valley, MD.

You may be asking yourself right now what a smile makeover involves, and why you should get one. Here’s some more information on what a smile makeover is and the top signs you might need to have this confidence-boosting treatment.

Overall Lack of Confidence

A smile makeover is a comprehensive treatment that includes whitening and may involve replacing missing teeth with implants or partial or complete dentures. The term 'smile makeover' is often used when you’re getting two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures done at once.

Even the most confident people sometimes have insecurities that leave them nervous to smile or reach out to people. If you're insecure about the appearance of multiple teeth in your mouth, or feel embarrassed about missing several teeth, a smile makeover may be right for you. You'll make a better first impression with a brilliant, attractive smile.

Frequent Stress from Smiling

As you smile and laugh more confidently than ever before, you’ll feel far less stressed, too. One study performed in 2012 indicated that a genuine smile immediately lowers your heart rate after stressful experiences. Half-hearted, close-mouthed, and false smiles only showed a minor reduction in stress signals in the body. When you smile big and wide, you not only make yourself feel happier, but you reduce your stress, which has many benefits in and of itself.

If you're hesitant to smile because of the appearance of your teeth, or if smiling causes more stress than it relieves, consider visiting a cosmetic dentistry for a smile makeover. You'll experience the stress-relieving effects of a good, hearty smile.

Mouth Smiling

Trouble Chewing

Missing, damaged, or misshapen teeth can make chewing difficult, or even painful. You might even hesitate to eat in public because of how much difficulty you have eating with your current set of teeth. A smile makeover can improve your ability to bite down and release because your teeth will be even, and gaps will be filled.

Visit a cosmetic dentistry near you to makeover your smile and make every meal a less stressful event and make eating more enjoyable again.

Difficulty with Speech

Your teeth have a major effect on the way that you speak. Often, slurred, hard-to-understand, or strained speech can be attributed to issues with your teeth, like gaps, crooked teeth, or misshapen front teeth.

Improving your smile can improve your diction and eliminate problems like whistling or salivating when you speak. You'll feel more confident speaking publicly and can finally be more secure in the sound of your voice in both social and professional settings.

You've Considered Several Treatments

If you're unhappy with your smile, you have many paths to consider. While you may consider having a minor procedure, like a single implant to your front teeth, your teeth may need more than one simple adjustment. And while you may consider going to an orthodontist for braces and other tools to straighten very crooked teeth or teeth with wide gaps, a single smile makeover can eliminate all these issues quickly and with immediate results after recovery.

Don't wait for several years to improve your smile. Call Maryland Elite Dentistry for the best cosmetic dentistry in Hunt Valley, MD, and the greatest smile makeover. Gaps, missing teeth, misshapen teeth, and virtually every other problem with your smile will be improved.

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